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Informing Family, Friends & Colleagues

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Sometimes the hardest part when someone dies is passing on the sad news to friends and family. It is best to advise of bad news face to face or if not possible via the telephone. The news should be given with sensitivity and consideration in a slow, unhurried manner giving them time to absorb the information. Some may need to be informed of precise details and ask further questions whereas others may simply, for now, accept the news and do not want or need to be advised of anything else.

Local announcements

The Funeral Director will usually take care of announcements in local papers and can arrange to have this included in national publications should this be required eg The Telegraph, The Guardian etc.

Social Media

Despite the surge in popularity it would be unwise and inconsiderate to advise a relative or close friend of a death using this method.

It is common, particularly among the younger generation, to create a Memorial Page if the deceased was young when they passed away. Although to some this may be distressing it is a common way for many to express their sense of loss and grief and you should expect to see comments and posts regarding the death on social media.

Online Obituary Companies

There is a growing trend to post details of the death on Online Obituaries webpages.  Should you wish to do so the following is a list of some of the most popular.


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