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the final remains

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When someone is buried there is a finality to the funeral element of the grieving process which a cremation does not necessarily provide. Cremated remains, or ashes as they are commonly referred to, will be available if you wish.

What do I do with the ashes?

The simple answer is whatever you want within reason, permission will have to be gained if you wish to scatter ashes on private land. Many people do not really think about this aspect until after the Cremation and they have the opportunity of doing something. Many take them home and tales are often later told of someone’s remains sitting on a mantelpiece, in the wardrobe or somewhere similar until such a time as the family decide just what to do with them.

The law in the UK is fairly relaxed as to where you can and cannot scatter ashes and often they are taken to a favourite spot of the deceased and scattered either with a simple ceremony or a relative or friend saying a few words.

It is also possible, if you wish, to have some Memorium item made with some of the ashes and various companies can be found in the Funeral Services Directory, Items of Remembrance section.

The Scattering Ashes website is a good source for further  information.


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