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Start promoting your business with us now

Footprints Bereavement Services provide advice, guidance and practical information for the newly bereaved and provide several opportunities for you to reach out to them.

According to research by the National Federation of Funeral Directors just a few years ago only 5% of people would search online for a funeral director or other funeral service provider. Today it is estimated that currently 60% of people do this and this upward trend is set to continue. As quoted by the National Federation, ‘Whilst the traditional and very private emotional experience of death remains exactly that, private, the process of dealing with loss and grieving has become a very public affair. Death, like everything else in life has become much more acceptable, must less private and much more commercialised.’

Benefits of Membership

Exclusivity & Logo of Accreditation
  • Footprints Bereavement Services is not simply a directory of funeral service providers, each member is recognised as being a trusted company who put the needs and wishes of the newly bereaved at the forefront of their transactions. You will be provided with a Footprints Bereavement Services Approved Supplier logo to use on your website etc to be immediately recognised as an approved supplier. 

Customer Reviews
  • Nothing helps a business grow more then positive recommendations from valued customers. We provide the opportunity via reviews to showcase the excellent service provided by your company to customers at a time when they needed it the most.
  • We will carry out advertising and promotion and offer the opportunity of enhanced promotion in Featured Adverts on the web and our Bereavement Guide.
  • Your Profile Listing on the web will be indexed by Goggle thereby giving you an improved presence on Internet Search Engines.

How do we promote our Services?

Information leaflets are sited within selected:

  • Surgeries and Health Centres
  • Nursing Homes & Sheltered Housing Complex
  • Funeral Directors
Print Media
  • Advertising in local monthly magazines/publications.
  • Bespoke website with dedicated SEO (Search Engine Optimisation to improve website ranging on search engines.
  • Advertising on local community websites.
Social Media
  • Dedicated social media presence providing daily inspirational quotes to increase brand awareness.


Funeral Services Directory

Join Funeral Services Directory in 5 easy steps

  1. Download and complete the Application Form & Service Charter Agreement with your name, company, business type, preferred package: Lily, Rose, Orchid.
  2. Forward completed Application Form and Service Charter Agreement, jpg images, text, reviews and contact details to info@footprintsbereavementguide.co.uk.
  3. Check your inbox for Welcome Email.
  4. Once payment has been cleared we will create your Profile Listing and Featured Advert (if applicable) and send an email once it’s complete. 
  5. When you’re happy with your listing we will active it to a Live Status.

Advertisers Media Pack – Download

Advertisers Application Form & Service Charter Download



Add your company profile to our Funeral Services Directory and navigate customers straight to your business. Six months minimum contract on all packages.

Rose - £20 per month

  • Profile Listing in one category/county/location: each additional category/county/location £10 monthly 
  • Featured and header image
  • Up to 100 words of text 
  • Reviews
  • Telephone or email or website contact details.

Lily - £50 per month

  • Featured Advert on ALL Category/County/Location Pages
  • Profile Listing in two categories/locations
  • Featured image, header or map view plus 2 images
  • Up to 150 words of text 
  • Reviews 
  • Features 
  • Telephone or email contact details and link to website
  • Opening hours

Orchid - £100 per month

  • Featured Advert on ALL Pages including HOME
  • Profile Listing in ALL categories/counties/locations 
  • Featured image, header or map view plus 4 images
  • Up to 400 words of text 
  • Reviews 
  • Features
  • Full contact details and links to website/social media
  • Opening Hours.

Service Charter

There is a fine line between maintaining empathy with the newly bereaved and an opportunity to do business and this relationship needs to be treated with the utmost care, sensitivity and respect.

Footprints Bereavement Services will always put our customers at the forefront of everything we do and funeral service providers who work with us must operate within our Service Charter standards.

Service Standards

  • Treat customers with courtesy and respect.
  • Provide a service without unfairness or discrimination.
  • Respect the customer’s privacy at all times.
  • Supply a clear and detailed written quotation with a table of fees upon request.
  • Supply a receipt for payments received.
  • Complete services efficiently and to the highest possible standards.
  • Comply with all statutory laws and regulations.

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