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types of funerals

Funeral crosses

Funeral Director

The majority of funerals are organised by family or friends of the deceased who use the services of a local Funeral Director, they should ensure they are a member of either The National Association of Funeral Directors or The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors who will all comply with certain standards and crietria. The Funeral Services Directory have details of local companies in the Funeral Directors category.

Should there be no immediate family or friends available to arrange a funeral the Health or Local Authority will arrange a simple funeral.  

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Green Funeral

Although not common, it is becoming more popular to have a green funeral, but there are many shades of green and definitions as to what constitutes a true green funeral. Further information is available on the Dying About website.

Green Burial Grounds in the area:

Muchwood Burials, Ramsey

Ketton Park Green Burial, Oakham

Woodland Wishes, Huntingdon


Family Arranged

It is possible to arrange a funeral without using a Funeral Director and you must contact Bereavement Services at the nearest Crematoriums and Cemeteries Department.

Peterborough Crematorium,
Mowbury Road, North Bretton, Peterborough PE6 7JE
Tel (01733) 262639
Email: crematorium@peterboroughgov.co.uk

Peterborough City Council website has details of cemeteries in the Peterborough area.

Fenland Crematorium,
Knights End Road, March PE15 0YJ
Tel (01354) 650577 / (01354) 650686

Fenland District Council website have details of cemeteries in the area.

South Holland District Council website have details of cemeteries in the area.

Stamford Town Council have details of cemeteries in the area.


Civil Celebrant or Humanist

There is often confusion between the role of a Civil Celebrant and a Humanist, what is the real difference or are they both the same? Details of Celebrants can be found in the Funeral Services Directory.

Civil Celebrant

A Civil Celebrant is a trained professional and will perform funerals as well as weddings and naming ceremonies. They will work with you to make the service personal to the deceased and can include prayers, hymns if you so wish.  A Civil Celebrant may or may not have a personal religious belief or could be an atheist, but this won’t be apparent in the ceremony. Any choice of music can be played at a funeral ceremony led by a Civil Celebrant.

Humanist Celebrant

A Humanist Celebrant is a trained professional who will perform  weddings, naming and funeral ceremonies. Humanist Celebrants are non-religious and won’t generally include any hymns, prayers, readings, poems or anything mentioning religion or referring to an existence after death. Humanists do not believe in the afterlife and believe death is the end.

Religious Service

As a county we are a melting pot of faiths and cultures and it is impossible to provide detailed information on everything and this is intended to be a general guide only and will vary dependent on different cultures/faiths.

If it is your intention to have a religious element to the funeral service it will be necessary to contact your preferred place of worship. If you use a Funeral Director they will be familiar with many and help liaise between you all to confirm and establish dates and funeral requirements.

Christian Churches  – Website with details of and links to the majority of local Christian churches.

Muslims in Britain – Provides information on the many mosques in the area.

Jewish Communities & Records (JCR-UK) – Provide information on Jewish communities and places of worship.l

Make it Personal

Location, Location, Location

It is not currently permitted to have a burial or cremation away from a designated site you may, if you wish, hold a funeral service at a place of your choosing and which will be personal to the family and/or the deceased.


Traditionally, black is worn at funerals but it is becoming increasingly popular for a final tribute to be a ‘Celebration of Life’ and mourners are requested to wear bright or a particular colour of clothing or even memorabilia.

Online Presence

In 2015 94% of the population have some form of online presence and although currently not common it is possible to include some form of online streaming of a funeral service. This may be particularly useful if some mourners are unable to attend the service.


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