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Writing a Eulogy


A eulogy is a speech given at a Memorial or Funeral service normally given by a close relative or friend. Although it can be daunting, it is considered to be an honour to be asked to perform this for the deceased.

Before you begin; who are you writing for?

  • Are you speaking on behalf the family?
  • Are you the only person speaking or will others be talking too?
  • Are you speaking from your own relationship, as a colleague, friend?

The answers to those questions will help you put into context which aspect you should write the eulogy from.

How long is a eulogy expected to be?

The general rule is no more then 5 to 6 minutes but ask for guidance from the person organising the service.

What to include in a eulogy:

  • A brief introduction of yourself and how you fitted in the person’s life.
  • Personal stories: anecdotes, songs, poetry … anything that is a memory of you and the deceased.
  • If you’re speaking on behalf of others ask friends, family or work colleagues for their recollections and stories to add to your own. Let others share in the privilege of shaping the speech to honor the deceased’s life.
  • It is unwise and not advised to use a eulogy to ‘get even’ or comment on subjects which may be cause distress to those present or show the deceased in a poor light.


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