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Flower Arrangement or Charity Donation

It is becoming increasing common for relatives of the recently deceased to request family only flower arrangements and wreaths at the Funeral Service with donations made to their chosen charity or organisation.  Further details of many such organisations can be found in the Grief & Bereavement page. 

Having made the decision to have floral tributes relatives may be aware of a particular favourite of the deceased but equally many may wish to simply follow the advice of the florist as to the best flower to include in a floral tribute and local providers can be found in the Florists category of the Funeral Services Directory. 

One of the most frequent questions florists are asked is, ‘What does this flower symbolize?’ The following is intended as a general guide to answer that question.


Roses are one of the most common flowers in funeral wreaths and arrangements, especially for casket sprays and standing arrangements.  A single rose in a bouquet expresses enduring love for the deceased.

  • White roses evoke purity, reverence, humility and innocence.
  • Red roses convey respect, love, and courage.
  • Dark crimson roses denote grief and sorrow.
  • Pink roses signify love, grace, elegance and admiration.
  • Yellow roses to symbolize strong ties and friendship.
  • Purple roses symbolize dignity and success.
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The distinctive smell of lillies are classically associated with a funeral and are the most common flower used in wreaths and arrangements.

  • White lilies symbolize purity and the Cala Lily especially is a very popular funeral flower.
  • Stargazer lilies symbolize sympathy.
  • Oriental lilies symbolize eternal life.


According to some traditions, the delicate petals of a camellia flower are said to symbolize the gentle spirit of a young lady.

  • Red camellias convey true love and passion.
  • White camellias convey adoration and perfection.




Orchids are an elegant flower and come in so many different colours there is little to express a meaning between each colour. They express a sense of luxury and send a message of eternal love.


Carnations continue to be a popular flower used in arrangements and like others each colour symbolize a different meaning. They can be particularly popular for Catholic and Christian arrangements with many believing they were made from the Virgin’s Mary’s tears.

  • Red symbolize affection.
  • Pink symbolize gratitude and remembrance.
  • White symbolize innocence.


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